The Norwegian sporting goods market, which grew by 7 percent last year across the major retail chains, continues to be very buoyant, especially over the internet, as noted by Sportsbransjen, the country’s sporting goods industry association. According to Klarna, the Swedish fintech company, online sales of sports and leisure products were up by some 93 percent year-on-year in Norway during the first two months of 2021, with Oslo leading the way. The capital city’s inhabitants, who have recently been subject to the country’s severest anti-virus measures, generated about 30 percent more revenues on average than Norwegians elsewhere. The county of Trøndelag came in second, with online sales topping the national average by 17 percentage points. One of the factors is said to have been a boom in ski-related sales due to good snowfall. The sports and leisure segment was also up from the first six months of the pandemic, especially in Norway’s northernmost counties. Women already accounted for 52 percent of sales in sports and leisure in January 2020, but they increased their share by about 9 percent a year later. Klarna’s surveys suggest that women make purchases on their family’s behalf more often than men. More than half of the respondents to one of its surveys last autumn said they had gone out into nature since the pandemic struck, as had about two-thirds of the 18- to 25-year-olds. Almost 46 percent had started exercising outdoors.