Masai International reports that Switzerland's highest court has fully rejected any further challenges to its purchase of MBT. Two lower courts had already ruled in favor of the company's new owner, the Singapore-based Andy Chaw, and against plaintiffs such as the founder of the brand, Karl Müller senior. Chaw has been distributing the Swiss brand in Southeast Asia for more than four years. His company, Star 360 Holdings, already sells 20 major footwear and apparel brands throughout the Pacific Rim at wholesale and retail. It has more than 50 stores and ten distribution offices employing 650 people. With MBT's acquisition, its wholesale network has grown from more than 4,500 points of sale to nearly 6,500. MBT also has about 200 single-brand stores. As previously reported, Bob Dyer was recently appointed chief executive of MBT, based at the brand's U.S. office in St. Louis, Missouri. He says the brand will expand its product range into new areas to appeal to a broader audience.