Breakdancing, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing might be part of the program of the Paris 2024 Olympics. The Organizing Committee of Paris 2024 (COJO) has put forward its proposal for these new sports to be included. Thanks to new provisions in the Olympic Agenda 2020, the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement, Olympic Organising Committees (OCOGs) are given the opportunity to contribute to the design of the Olympic Program. Within the Agenda's recommendation to “Move from a sport-based to an event-based programme,” the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allows the OCOGs to propose one or more additional events on the program for their edition of the Games.

The Olympic Programme Commission will now review the French proposal for Paris 2024, and will present a recommendation to the IOC's executive board in March. If accepted, the proposal will then be submitted to the IOC Session later this year. After the Session, and following any further observation at the Tokyo Games, which will be held in 2020, the final event program for Paris 2024 and the athlete quotas for any new sports will be finalized.

Breakdancing, skateboarding and sport climbing appeared as medal events at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires last year. Sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding will make their debuts on the Olympic program at Tokyo 2020.