Overturning one of the rulings issued last November by a U.S. federal administrative law judge, the International Trade Commission ruled against an intellectual property claim lodged by Converse, saying in effect that the brand cannot protect the midsole design of its Chuck Taylor sneakers, which combines a toe cap, a toe bumper and a midsole stripe. The ITC said the trademark issued to Converse under U.S. common law was invalid because the combination didn't have sufficient secondary meaning. Converse had named dozens of companies in its initial challenge in 2014, and most of them decided to settle out of court. The ITC's ruling was a victory for New Balance, Skechers, Walmart and Ash Footwear, which decided to fight instead. New Balance noted that its PF Flyers brand had been using similar marks for 80 years. The ITC backed the administrative law judge's opinion that Converse's common law claims were invalid.