PPR, parent company of Puma, Volcom, Gucci and a number of other sports and luxury goods brands, is thought to be planning to change its name to Kering, according to the Bloomberg news agency. The new name, which was reportedly registered in the U.S.last November, would be a reference to the word “caring,” possibly in connection with the group's commitment to sustainable development for all its brands. Formerly involved in wood trade and in furniture, the group has changed its name four times since its stock market introduction in1988, in connection with its subsequent acquisitions. Originally called Pinault SA after the name of the family that is its major shareholder, it switched to Pinault-Printemps and then to Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, abbreviated to PPR. The group is shedding all its retail activities, including the Printemps department store chain and La Redoute, a mail order catalog house, to concentrate on luxury goods and sports & lifestyle.