Allied Feather + Down has announced its new Expedry quick-drying down, featuring FUZE technology. Fuze Biotech’s FUZE is a chemical-free technology that can be applied to any surface or textile to protect against odor causing bacteria, mold and infectious diseases. Expedry uses non-ionic, permanently bonded gold nanoparticles in the down cluster. These particles are said to increase the evaporation rate of water at a molecular level, without the need for heat. This technology differs from conventional Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatments for down. Current DWRs act as a hydrophobic agent that allows water to bead, keeping the down clusters drier for longer, but once saturated, these DWR treatments have no ability to accelerate drying. In contrast, once saturated through thorough cleaning, Expedry-treated garments are said to dry almost twice as fast. Expedry has been tested to dry 40 to 60 percent faster than untreated down, Allied claims. The new Expedry is available to all Allied partner brands.