Anta has released the podium uniform for China’s Olympic team. Designed by Tim Yip, also known as Ye Jintian, the “Champion Dragon Clothes” combine traditional Chinese cultural icons with the latest in sportswear materials. The artist and Oscar-winning designer remarks that designing the uniform has been “different from designing costumes for movies or shows. We need to show the beauty of athletes’ body, so we have conducted many studies.” Anta has also released several items of sportswear and equipment for the Olympics. Among them are a weightlifting shoe with a fiber two and a half times stronger than regular materials, and therefore able to withstand more than a ton of weight, and an accompanying waist band for support. The fabric of the brand’s wrestling suit has “anti-grab technology,” while the suits for gymnastics and trampoline are tailored in 3D to reduce wind resistance. Anta has supplied sportswear to 28 Chinese national teams and holds 1,400 patents in the sector. Anta has been working with the Chinese Olympic Committee for 16 years and claims to have invested over 3 billion yuan (€390m-$460m) in related R&D.