Dragon Eyewear is releasing two new goggles for the forthcoming winter season. The PXV2 is a new version of the PXV, with the addition of a Swiftlock on its lens. The RVX OTG features a new version of the Swiftlock itself, Swiftlock 2.0, thanks to which it can be worn over glasses. The Swiftlock consists of a pair of locking levers that can be flipped to separate a goggle’s lens from its frame, enabling skiers and other snowsports enthusiasts to change lenses to match conditions. The Swiftlock 2.0 simplifies the mechanism to a single lever. Both the PXV2 and RVX OTG have Lumalens lenses, which make colors more vivid, improve depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in comparison with regular goggle lenses. Owned by Marchon Eyewear, which is also the eyewear licensee of Nike, Dragon is based in San Clemente, California.