Fitbit is introducing a new package of products, called Ready for Work, that combines the tracking of vital signs with a number of other services. According to a press release, the purpose is to help employees check their state of health to determine whether they should go to work or stay home, as certain experts believe that Covid-19 is largely spread by people who are carrying the disease but present no symptoms. In this respect, Fitbit cites an estimated rate for such infections – 40 percent – from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S. With Ready to Work, a Fitbit device will measure and log resting heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate and temperature, presenting the results through a feature called Daily Check-In, which reports changes from the norm to help the employee come to a decision. Presumably, a portion of the logged data is made available to the employer as well. “Daily reporting and analytics,” the press release reads, “enable employers to quickly assess and monitor workplace health and safety.” The employees of companies that subscribe will have access to the entire Fitbit Care platform. This includes weekly webinars, podcasts and videos as well as a service called Fitbit Health Coaching, through which Fitbit’s coaches “help employees learn strategies for adjusting to new routines and coping with change.” Also available through the package are Fitbit Premium (the company’s subscription service for individuals), custom coaching, Fitbit Challenges, “mindfulness tools” and other features to provide incentives and motivation.