Fútbol Emotion and Nike have signed a joint deal with the SD Huesca football club, which plays in La Liga. For the next four seasons, Fútbol Emotion will be supplying Nike apparel to the men’s, women’s and youth divisions of the club, along with its staff and the Fundación Alcoraz, a non-profit organization linking the team to its region of Aragon. It will also be administering the attendant supply deal with Nike, handling the merchandising and other services. Fútbol Emotion has deals with about 200 clubs, which are mostly with junior or amateur clubs. The clubs are for the most part Spanish, but the company also has some growing business in Portugal and Italy. It supplies the players of most of the clubs and their fans with its own apparel or with apparel by Nike, Adidas or Puma, taking care of many services through its own digital platform and supplying the merchandise online and through any of Fútbol Emotion’s 19 physical stores in Spain. About 70 percent of its sales for 2020 were digital, while 70 percent of the clubs it has deals with already use a digital platform for apparel design, merchandise reception, sales and after-sales service. The company wants to double the number of clubs with which it works, becoming a leader in Southern Europe. It recently signed contracts with two Spanish e-sports clubs.