Horizon Fitness, a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech of Taiwan, has announced its 2020 Studio Series of treadmills: the 7.0AT, 7.4AT and 7.8AT. All three models can connect by Bluetooth to any of the major subscription streaming services and apps for exercise, among them Peloton and Zwift. In the summation of Mike Olson, executive vice president of sporting goods and e-commerce at Horizon Fitness, the series delivers “the freedom to stream any content you want, on any device you choose, at a price you can afford.” The on-board features include QuickDial Controls to change speed or incline with the swipe of a palm, Quick Keys jump to favorite settings, the RapidSync Performance Drive System for quick changes of speed, Bluetooth speakers, various tablet placements, and (on the 7.4AT and 7.8AT) a Bluetooth heart-rate chest strap. Customers can sync their exercise data with such tracking apps as MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal. The Studio Series also includes a basic treadmill, with no touchscreens or other bells and whistles. The series is available at HorizonFitness.com and selected fitness retailers. Retail prices start in the U.S. at $999.