Fitness equipment provider Kettler, whose licensing rights have been held by Swiss distributor Trisport since 2019, wants to get involved in the (paid) connected fitness sector. For this purpose, it just launched the new English-language HOI by Kettler Fitness App, which customers can test for free until May 2022. Access to the app’s content will be blocked when the free period expires, after which there will be the option to continue for a fee and to cancel on a monthly basis. In the app, exercisers are assisted by six professional coaches on different types of workouts, including yoga, pilates, running, HIT, rowing and others. The workouts can be selected individually depending on the activity, duration, coach and performance level. Dubbed “HOI by Kettler,” an innovative line of fitness equipment for home use was unveiled in the fall of 2021 and offered a taste of how Trisport plans to modernize the traditional brand.