Mizuno is introducing Mizuno Enerzy, an innovative footwear technology that has been designed to deliver high energy return and enhanced softness. The purpose of the technology, which is the result of more than two years of development and testing, is to allow athletes to retain more of the energy that they put in without sacrificing on overall comfort, the company explained. The new technology comes in two iterations for the shoe’s mid-sole - Enerzy (foam) and Enerzy Core. The Mizuno Enerzy Foam is a mid-sole material that is said to deliver excellent softness and rebound while being very durable. Its material is 17 percent softer and delivers 15 percent more energy return than previously used materials, according to Mizuno. The Mizuno Enerzy Core delivers the highest benefits of the new technology, as it is 293 percent softer and provides 56 percent more energy return than previously used mid-sole materials, Mizuno claims. On July 1, the company unveiled a Mizuno Enerzy concept shoe with a bubbly outsole for promotional purposes that is only available in limited quantities for testing by retailers, social media influencers and the media. In EMEA, the commercial version of the technology will be available in stores on Mizuno’s iconic Wave Rider 24 running shoe. It will be followed by two completely new running models - the Wave Rider Neo and the Wave Sky Neo - on Aug. 15. The new material will be used in some other running shoes and in other types of footwear for indoor and other sports as part of the autumn/winter 2020/21 collection.