Graphene Composites (GC) and G-Form have joined forces in the development and distribution of a virus-killing ink that can be used to pre-treat both medical equipment and athletic apparel or footwear. Utilizing an innovative technology from GC, G-Form medical protective equipment and athletic gear/apparel will be pre-treated with a GC silver nanoparticle/graphene oxide ink application, which is said to capture and kill coronavirus droplets. This is different from the products that are currently available as it is the first product that will both capture and eliminate the virus, the companies claim, as opposed to just absorbing coronavirus droplets.

Tessitura Taiana Virgilio, the Italian fabric maker based in Como, has developed an anti-virus stretch fabric designed for protective wear as well as other garments, including sportswear. The new material, called FYC, has been developed by Kinetech, the division within Taiana that focuses on performance fabrics. The four-way stretch woven fabric is said to filter air-droplets while remaining soft and breathable. The high number of yarns per square centimeter filters 99.8 percent of particulates with a size of 4-5 microns, the company claims. The antiviral and bacteriostatic properties are obtained by combining a silver yarn and a treatment used for medical applications. This process was originally developed to prevent the spread of SARS. The FYC fabric is available in various colors.