Bauer Hockey has launched a new product line-up to help enable a safe return of the sport of ice hockey, building on the experience of the medical-grade face shields that the company had recently donated to doctors and nurses on the front line. The new Bauer Integrated Cap Shield (patent pending) is designed to provide protection from the forehead to the chin, offering eye, nose and mouth splash coverage. It can be attached to the brim of a baseball hat or can be worn separately. The cap shield will be available at authorized Bauer retail locations and in early August. The Bauer Reversible Fabric Mask, which is already available, covers the nose and mouth, and can be worn by itself or in combination with the Bauer cap shield or any other face shield. This mask is machine washable and can be reused. Both the cap shield and the reversible fabric mask provide off-ice protection for coaches, fans, equipment managers, administrators and arena staff. They can also be used as a protective solution for everyday activities such as shopping or in restaurants. For on-ice protection, Bauer is also launching the new Concept 3 Splash Guard, designed to enhance coverage around the mouth and maintain a high level of vision and breathability. It works exclusively with the brand’s Concept 3 player hockey face mask to provide additional splash protection while allowing the player to focus on the game. The Bauer Concept 3 Splash Guard is scheduled for a launch in August. Like the Bauer Integrated Cap Shield, it can be cleaned and disinfected for re-use.