NURVV Run, a British start-up that has just released its first wearable biometric tracking device for running, has established an endorsement deal with Dame Kelly Holmes, the first British woman to win two gold medals at the same Olympic Games in more than 80 years. In addition to attending promotional initiatives and events, Holmes will be providing feedback to NURVV from her own training. NURVV Run will be on sale at a temporary 30 percent discount in the U.K. (£175) and the U.S. ($210) at and selected retailers. The device is embedded in the insole of the runner’s shoes to “help runners of all levels run faster, further and reduce injury,” says the company. Its smart insoles contain pressure sensors to measure and monitor various points of the running technique such as footstrike, cadence, stride length and pronation. The insoles feed the data into trackers that clip on to the outside of each shoe, and the trackers in turn connect to an app, which works on smartphones, Garmin watches and Apple watches.