Puma has teamed up with Neymar Jr. and Fortnite to launch the Neymar Jr. x Puma Crazy Playground and Creative Hub and The Neymar Jr. Cup. This week, Neymar Jr. will become the first athlete to join Fortnite’s Icon Series as part of the current Season 6 “Primal” Battle Pass. In addition to the in-game Neymar Jr. Quests to unlock his outfit, players can queue up for the “Go Crazy Arena,” a casual combat experience created by the Fortnite community to celebrate the player’s arrival, from April 27 to April 30. The event culminates with “The Neymar Jr. Cup,” where players can compete in up to ten games in their region’s three-hour time window to win commemorative Puma x Fortnite Future Z football boots.