The German Patent and Trademark Office (Patent- und Markenamt) granted two patents to the mechanical engineering company Reichmann & Sohn from southern Germany. The patents cover the laser structuring machine LS-1 RACE and a new transport and loading magazine for the service machine SF-4 RACE.

According to Reichmann, the LS-1 RACE opens up new possibilities for ski structuring. Compared to conventional grinding stones, laser technology can be used to precisely apply all imaginable patterns and even lettering, logos or 3D effects to the ski base – rental skis can be branded with the logo of the rental company. The base structure can also be individually adapted to snow conditions, the skiing ability of the user or his/her visual preferences. The guaranteed fiber-free base surfaces and high-precision laser structures also offer new possibilities for professional racing. In addition, the new LS-1 RACE sets new standards in terms of the environment, because the skis are dry-processed.

The likewise newly patented transport and loading magazine for the SF-4 RACE service robot is designed as a mobile transport cart that can be moved and loaded flexibly in the workshop and then docked to the machine for processing. After docking, all subsequent processes run autonomously. The machine automatically picks up the skis in pairs from the loading cart and puts them back into the transport cart in pairs after treatment. This reduces the work of the service personnel to an absolute minimum and saves valuable time.

Laserstruktur mit der Reichmann LS-1 RACE

Source: Reichmann

Laser structure made with the LS-1 RACE