Reebok has released a technologically advanced sports bra that is said to respond and adapt to the wearer's movement. According to the brand, the PureMove Bra is the first of its kind in offering this characteristic. The new bra, which is the result of a three-year development process, features Reebok's new proprietary Motion Sense Technology, which is obtained by treating a performance-based fabric with STF (Sheer Thickening Fluid), a gel-like solution that turns into liquid when in a still or slow-moving state and solidifies when moving at higher speeds. As a result, according to the description, the bra stretches less with high impact movements, while it provides comfort and light support during rest and lower intensity activities. In addition to the reactive fabric technology, the PureMove Bra also features minimalist construction, as it comprises only seven unique pieces of fabric for a seamless fit.