Reebok International has appointed Chris Froio as general manager of Reebok America. The 25-year veteran of the brand had been in charge of Western Europe since February 2016, with excellent results. The brand's sales in the region rose by 25 percent in the first quarter, driven by training, a category that he previously led on a global basis. Reporting to Matt O'Toole, president of the Reebok brand, Froio will be responsible for retail and wholesale operations in the U.S., after a reorganization in which the two segments were combined into a single unit, run by the same team at Reebok's new headquarters in Boston. It will be a major task for Froio, as Reebok's business in the U.S. has continued to shrink in recent quarters, while growing elsewhere, and it will be crucial for the Adidas Group in deciding within the next three to four years whether it should keep the brand or sell it.