Engelhorn, the big German sports and fashion retailer based in Mannheim, and Rose Bike, the German bike company, have signed a cooperation agreement. In August, both partners will open a Rose Bike shop-in-shop inside the bike department of Engelhorn Sports’ big store in Mannheim. Catering to a growing demand for bikes, the shop-in-shop will cover 80 square meters, offering bestsellers by Roses Bike for testing and for sale. Engelhorn will also proviode staff for consultation and repair services. In the new shop-in-shop, customers will be able to design customized bikes with Roses Bikes’ digital tools installed on the premises. Rose Bike will deliver the customized bikes directly to the customers so that Engelhorn Sports does not have to take care of the inventory. Rose Bike, which already has its own stores in Bocholt and Munich, opened a store in Zurich at the beginning of May. The company plans to expand its network of stores and shop-in-shops in the course of 2020 and 2021.