Spy+ is using Google’s Image Swirl and QR-code scanning to enable customers to try on snow goggles without ever touching them. The American action sports eyewear company, which was recently acquired by Bollé Brands, says the combination “overcomes the largest barriers to retail sales in the current shopping environment”: namely, government restrictions set up to curb the spread of Covid-19. Back in 2012 Google engineers were describing Image Swirl as “a large-scale, publicly available, hierarchical image browsing system” that automatically groups the search results based on visual and semantic similarity. In other words, it was an extension of Google’s image-search function. Spy+ says that it has made use of more recent developments to design a “fully-immersive online and offline marketing program.” While other brands are using augmented reality (AR) for direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling alone, Spy+ says, the new system provides for the “contactless try-on” of any Spy+ goggles whether their QR code is on a display case, an exterior store window or online. This results in 3D models with interactive points to focus on certain features of the design, multiple angles and a view-flip to demonstrate the goggles’ available enhancements in color and contrast. Spy+ is working with both ENDVR and Promoboxx to drive traffic to online retailers and help to train in-store sales staff.