The Adidas Group is opposing a pending trademark registration by Barcelona football club in the U.S., for a design with seven blue and red stripes. As reported by several Spanish newspapers, the Adidas group has filed an opposition document with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last month, claiming that the Catalan football club's pending application should be denied for specific products, because the stripes design allegedly resembles its own three-stripe trademark. FC Barcelona apparently filed to register this trademark with the USPTO last year (for items including clothing, footwear and headwear, various types of sports accessories and other goods). The notice of opposition states that Adidas has spent millions of dollars promoting the three-stripe mark since it came to be used on footwear in the U.S., at least since 1952. It alleges that FC Barcelona's proposed trademark is likely to cause confusion, deception or mistake as to the affiliation, connection or association of FC Barcelona with Adidas. The group is thus asking the USPTO to deny FC Barcelona's request for two groups of items, focusing on apparel, footwear and equipment (specific accessories and games). This comes shortly after Barcelona confirmed an extension of its partnership with Nike, which should be worth at least €155 million per year from 2018. Adidas declined to comment on “pending litigation.”