The Swedish protective gear company POC had the highest growth rate in the country’s sports industry in 2008-09, according to the magazine Sportfack. The company expanded by 110 percent. Its founder and chief executive, Stefan Ytterborn, said that for the coming season POC will produce almost 70,000 ski helmets, after starting in 2004 with 2,000. Winter pre-orders are up by 65 percent over last year, he said, and he also noted that the company’s first line of bicycles was sold out before it arrived in stores. The company is reportedly producing 70,000 ski helmets for the next season. It doesn’t want to reveal its current sales figures, but indicates that they should grow to more than 200 million Swedish kronor (€18.8m-$25.6m) by 2013 if they were to continue doubling each year.