The world's largest shoe manufacturer reported revenues up 7.3 percent to $5.56 billion for the nine months ended June 30. Yue Yuen's shoe manufacturing turnover grew by 5.7 percent to $3,892.8 million, driven by sales increases for athletic shoes and casual/outdoor shoes of 5.7 percent and 5.0 percent, respectively. Sales of sports sandals went up by 10.9 percent. By region, the group's shoe manufacturing turnover grew in the U.S. and Asia, by 2.0 and 12.5, respectively, while in Europe it registered a modest decline of 0.1 percent. The company's retail and wholesale business in the Greater China region increased by 15.4 percent to $1,225.9 million, primarily due to factors such as the acquisition of regional retailers, the opening of new stores and promotional sales. The Asian market represented 42.4 percent of the total turnover. Excluding revenues from retail, it made up for 20.3 percent of the total. Yue Yuen's recurring profit grew by 12.4 percent to $387.9 million in the nine-month period, indicating an increase in margins. The attributable net profit amounted to approximately $427.9.