Tourist attendance in the French ski resorts dropped slightly during the past winter season, partly due to a lower inflow of British tourists. However, only 20 percent of the French sporting goods retailers located in the resorts said the season went worse for them than a year ago, according to a survey made by FPS, the French sporting goods retailers’ federation. It was better for 36 percent of them, 6 percentage points more than one year ago. The survey indicated higher revenues for them from clothing and accessories, stable revenues from equipment rentals and difficult conditions for equipment sales. According to the French sporting goods manufacturers’ federation, Fifas, preliminary orders of skis and ski boots for the past season were down by 4 and 12 percent in volume, respectively, but average prices went up by 14 and 8 percent. They reached €186 and €88 a pair, respectively. Fewer urban retailers are carrying skis than before and more e-tailers are offering those from previous seasons at discounted prices.