The first ”Oberalp Virtual Convention” in May 2020 was extremely positive for the Italian company and its brands - Salewa, Dynafit, Wild Country, Evolv and Pomoca - with more than 37,000 clicks. As ongoing travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic continue to make physical events difficult, the family-owned company has decided to go fully digital again with the October edition of the Oberalp Convention. It is due to go live on the platform on Oct. 29 at 17:00 CET. As indicated late last year by Ruth Oberrauch, a member of the executive board, it is widely expected to stage the launch of a new mountain sports brand by the family-owned group. The convention will also focus on ”Women and Mountain Sports,” based on a study commissioned to a Vienna-based behavioral research institute, Karmasin Behavioral Insights. The Oberalp Group is investing in digital product presentation, 360° showrooms, interaction, digital get-togethers and a whole new kind of fashion show for its second virtual convention. In parallel, public viewing events for small, selected groups of retailers will take place at strategically important locations. “The past six months have taught us that personal relationships are becoming increasingly important. We are in the ‘people business’ and consider it crucial to stay in personal contact with our partners,” says Christoph Engl, chief executive of the group.