Werner Haizmann, president of FEDAS and VDS, the sports retail federations for Europe and Germany, respectively, went public with an open letter in which he regrets that there will be no ISPO Summer this year although there was a joint effort by local lobbying groups to promote the revival of the show. The organizations that joined the movement last Fall were VDS, Intersport and Sport 2000 Germany, the local manufacturers’ association BSI and others in cooperation with Messe München. Still, the Munich at the last minute halted the effort to give ISPO a new chance this year. Haizmann argues – at least between the lines – that Messe München did not give itself the time to examine new ways to re-launch ISPO this year. Haizmann promises, however, not to lose hope that a summer show could see a revival soon for the simple reason that large parts of the industry continue to desire such an event even if it takes place in a much smaller scenario. While the running shoe industry has accepted to stage a niche event at Munich’s MOC order center, the tennis industry was not willing to show up at a similar event, according to VDS. In any case, Haizmann is committed to another effort to re-establish a summer show, arguing that especially small and medium-sized vendors badly need such an event, while it is clear that the big brands have followed strategies other than attending shows like ISPO Summer.