Confirming plans to set up its seventh European website in Sweden in time for Christmas shopping, Amazon has posted a job advertisement for a manager who would also be responsible for Norway, Denmark and Finland. Until now, Swedish consumers and companies have only had access to the other European Amazon websites

The news comes after the entire new Swedish website was leaked thanks to the efforts of a Finnish software developer. According to the Swedish trade magazine, the site is far from finished, but the product offering is already impressive: Just under 39,000 different sports items, 37,000 in outdoor life and 14,000 different shoes in sports & outdoor life give potential customers a lot to choose from.

Shortly after the leak, Amazon removed the page and the URL is now again redirected to the company’s German site. So it remains open when will be launched in Sweden, but on Aug. 4, Amazon officially confirmed that the site is in progress. It is assumed that the launch could happen before Black Friday. Alex Ootes, vice president of EU expansion at Amazon, told Swedish media: “The next step is to introduce a full retail offering in Sweden. We are planning this now.” Since the fulfillment for Sweden is currently still handled through Germany, it’s likely that Amazon is working on a better solution for this as well.

The Swedish website Digital (DI) reported that Amazon has recently signed an agreement to rent new premises in central Stockholm with as much as 6,000 square meters. According to DI, the company believes that the operations are completely separate – but DI speculates whether the new premises could become a Swedish or Nordic head office for staff working with e-commerce. Amazon is also looking for employees via advertisements. Most recently in the line of recruitments, the company is now looking for a manager for its marketplace in Sweden. The recruitment of Swedish-speaking staff also continues on several other fronts, DI reported.