Henri Lloyd, the British brand of sailing and sailing-inspired clothing, is promising that consumers will pay on average 40 percent less for its products as the company has “cut the middle-men,” according to an Instagram post. It plans to concentrate on its direct-to-consumer business as it severs ties with more than 150 wholesale distributors and third-party retailers around the world. Founded by Henri Strezelecki and Angus Lloyd in 1963, the brand was taken over two years ago in a pre-packed bankruptcy by the Swedish-based Aligro Group. After the takeover, it closed 80 percent of its 40 physical stores and launched a revamped web shop. Hans Eckerström, chairman and main shareholder of Henri Lloyd, says the brand will use in the future online marketing and online sales “to drive value to all customers” with more attractive price points. Thanks to the internet, the brand was “very much open for business” during the retail lockdowns prompted by the Covid-19 epidemic, he adds.