About 100 people attended the first Ispo Academy held in India last week, as part of the second Global Sports Business Show organized by The Times of India in Mumbai. The central topic of this inaugural Indian academy was digital technology in sports apparel manufacturing, as suppliers are eager to capitalize on the anticipated growth in Indian sports participation in the coming years. The Indian textile industry has so far focused on cotton-based products, but digital technology could support efficient production of more functional sports apparel in the country. The speakers included Indian suppliers such as Amit Jain, managing director of Shingora Textiles, and Harit Mehta, managing director at Haren Textiles, along with European specialists. The contents of the Ispo Academy were coordinated with Gherzi Textil Organisation, a Swiss textile consultancy. The initiative comes as the Indian government is supporting the rise of sports participation around the country, starting with improvements in infrastructure. The Ispo Academy concept has already spread to several European countries, China and Brazil. More on this in the next issue of SGI Europe.