Adidas Originals has cooperated with Arizona Iced Tea for a limited edition of sneakers, priced at 99 cents (€0.88) per pair – the same as a can of iced tea. There were two models, the Continental 80 and the Yung 1, each available in two designs matching that of an Arizona Iced Tea can. The limited edition was supposed to go on sale at a pop-up store in New York on July 18. Crowds of people hoping to buy one of the highly limited sneaker models gathered outside the store and waited about 10 hours for it to open. But it never did. The crowd was just too big. After two people in the crowd were hospitalized with injuries, the police intervened and permanently closed the pop-up. There is no information yet on how things will proceed, but a few items from the collection have already surfaced on eBay priced at $300-400.