Bayer MaterialScience has developed solvent-free Impranil materials for coating textiles used in sporting goods, fashion goods and car seats. These polyurethane dispersions can be used to treat items such as team jerseys, soccer balls, shoes, jeans, jackets or bags. New raw materials can be processed using a mechanically blown foam method, which does not involve the use of any toxic substances, unlike the conventional coagulation process. It uses less water and less than half as much energy compared with the previous method. High-performance polyurethane coatings give products a high level of elasticity that doesn't fade even with frequent use, which is of particular importance in athletic clothing and shoes, says Bayer. At the same time, the coating has a minimal effect on the weight of the textiles. The company is currently collaborating with leading sporting goods manufacturers on developing coatings and synthetic leathers for innovative sports equipment, including the development of waterborne, breathable polyurethane systems for coating textiles.