Fútbol Emotion is under new ownership and management. Meridia Capital has sold the large minority stake it had held since May 2018 to Grupo Tansley, which has now put together a majority stake, wresting control away from the founding Sánchez Broto family. No further details on terms or the size of the stake have been disclosed.

Tansley has pledged, however, to keep the family in charge of management. Accordingly, Iván Abad – who came aboard in 2019 – is yielding the post of chief executive to Carlos Sánchez Broto, who has been serving as general manager. Other executive changes are to follow.

Headquartered in Aragon, Fútbol Emotion was established about 20 years ago, under the name Soloporteros, by Javier Sánchez Broto, exporter for Real Zaragoza and Celtic FC. It has since developed a multichannel model, selling football-related sporting goods both online and through physical stores. At present, it operates 18 stores in Spain, with flagships in Madrid and Barcelona and two stores in Portugal. According to Palco23, the company opened a 6,000-square-meter warehouse and office complex with recording and photography studios in 2020. It expanded its e-tail business into Poland and Croatia in the subsequent year.

Annual sales broke the company record in 2021, reaching €33.5 million – 55 percent up year-on-year and some 15 percent above the total for the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

Fútbol Emotion will now be looking to increase revenues significantly over the next two years. According to CMDsport, there is a seven-point plan: strengthen the chain’s brand partnerships; strengthen the connection with customers; expand the online division; consolidate the dominance of the Iberian market through a “new retail concept”; expand in Europe (especially in Italy and France) and Latin America (especially Mexico); and recruit new managers to execute the business plan.

Grupo Tansley, a specialist in hobbies, operates four other companies: Guaw (pets), Milbby (arts and crafts), BrandStory (consumer goods) and Bookish (literature). Earlier this month, the Spanish investment fund GPF Capital – which has a portfolio, worth about €850 million, of mid-cap companies – purchased a stake in Tansley, with a view toward taking it public. GPF was established in 2015 by Martín Rodríguez-Fraile, Ignacio Olascoaga, Lorenzo Martínez de Albornoz and Guillermo Castellanos.