Peloton has announced the completion of three new acquisitions: Aiquido, a company that has developed an AI-power digital voice assistant; Atlas Wearables, a producer of fitness-centered smartwatches; and Otari, the developer of an interactive workout mat with an attached LCD screen. In another new initiative, it announced earlier this month its intention to move into the Asia-Pacific region for the first time, starting with a launch in Australia in the second half of 2021, with interactive showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. Sitting on some $1 billion in cash on its balance sheet, Peloton has no problem in making these kinds of small strategic investments. It has not yet announced the completion of its planned acquisition of Precor, whose sales declined last year by 21 percent to the equivalent of $293 million according to Amer Sports’ new majority shareholder, China’s Anta Sports Products.