Aquafil, the creator of the branded Econyl regenerated nylon, has released online its Sustainability Report 2021. The report revolves around the company’s flagship product Econyl, which is described as putting Aquafil “at the forefront of the circular economy revolution in textiles.” Econyl is made from regenerated waste materials like old carpets, fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial waste. This regenerated nylon is said to maintain the same quality as traditional nylon. It can be recycled an infinite number of times, Aquafil claims and has a lower environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions. Econyl has been chosen by brands like Prada, Gucci, Burberry and Speedo. Econyl currently represents around 37 percent of Aquafil’s revenues, but the company’s objective is to reach 60 percent of fiber revenues by 2025, says the report. Among the top Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) milestones Aquafil celebrated in 2021, 100 percent of electricity now comes from renewable resources. The company also achieved a 25 percent reduction in water consumption in five years. In the social chapter, Aquafil increased the number of female executives by 100 percent in two years. In terms of governance, the company approved a new remuneration policy and acquired three more ISO 50001 (Energy management) and four more SA8000 (Social Responsibility) certifications in its Slovenian facilities during 2021. Also, in 2021, a take-back program was launched that allows clients to return their frames to Coral Eyewear, the first English brand to launch an eyewear collection made of Econyl polymer and Aquafil so that they can be regenerated into new products.