Verifyt, a product of Boston-based company NetVirta, a developer of smartphone 3D body scanning technologies, is the fit-scanning technology used in the beta version of Merrell’s new Merrell Shoe Advisor™ mobile app, the industry’s first consumer app designed to ensure an accurate, personalized shoe fitting recommendation.

Verifyt is said by the developer to be particularly accurate, user-friendly and offer fast scanning speeds. This should provide Merrell customers with a simple, gamified, AR-powered 3D experience to find the right shoe, size and fit. The Verifyt technology takes less than a minute to complete the foot scan and generates an accurate, personalized size recommendation, the developers said.

Verifyt aims to address a problem that has plagued online shopping since the dawn of e-commerce: returns due to poor fit. Industry reports indicate that, on average, 35 to 40 percent of shoes purchased online are returned, with an estimated 72 percent due to poor fit. This industry-wide problem hurts brands’ bottom lines and has an impact on the environment.