In what CEO David Camps is calling a “year of sales corrections,” Original Buff expects to round out its fiscal year 2021-22 this month with revenues of about €55 million, down by 35 percent from the previous year’s record total of €85 million. That boost, he says in an interview with CMDsport, was due in large part to mask sales while the most onerous pandemic measures were in effect. There was also at the time an overstock of tubular alternatives to masks, which has since been selling off.

As for the year ending this month, sales suffered from weeks of sports store closures in Central and Northern Europe.

Original Buff employs about 400, of whom 350 work at company headquarters in the Spanish city of Igualada (Barcelona province). The rest at subsidiaries in the U.K., Canada and the U.S. Its primary market is North America, followed by Germany and the domestic market of Spain. About 95 percent of sales are foreign, and over the closing fiscal year, the company has sought to consolidate its position rather than expand into new markets.

Post-pandemic, says Camps, Original Buff will be advancing on two fronts: company-wide digitalization and increases in sustainability. For the latter, it seeks to manufacture its products closer to the primary markets.

Hence the expansion of its factory in Igualada, which it hopes to complete by May or June. Buff has invested €1.5 million in a three-story building of 1,500 square meters. About 90 percent of its production run comes out of Igualada at present, but the company hopes to increase the percentage.

Camps also told CMDsport that Buff has inaugurated a training program to apprentice young workers to specialists in the sector and expects to earn B Corp status sometime this calendar year.