The stock market capitalization of Shimano hit a record high at 1,897 billion yen (€15.8bn-$17.6bn) on May 19 before decreasing slightly to ¥1,836 billion at the end the month. The share value rose by about 27 percent between May 1 and 31. According to financial analysts, the rise in demand for Shimano stocks stems from the fact that the coronavirus crisis is seen as an accelerator of an already dynamic bicycle market, with many large cities implementing more bicycle-friendly policies for example, and the Japanese company’s leading position in the area of bicycle components. Coherent Market, an international research company, estimates that the global market for bicycles and components will grow by 3.5 percent annually to reach $54.7 billion in 2027. Yozo Shimano, the 71-year old CEO of the 99-year-old company, told The Japan Times last week that the company would stay focused on its two sporting sectors, fishing and cycling, as he believes that there is still room for innovation such as health-monitoring and safety equipment for cyclists. He also mentioned that the corona crisis would lead the company to rethink its supply chain in the future.