Fitbit, the San Francisco-based purveyor of fitness trackers, says it has struck a deal with the Health Promotion Board (HPB) of Singapore to use its products to realize the national health agency's aspirations for public health. The project, Live Healthy SG, fits within the government's Smart Nation initiative. Although Singapore's healthcare system is reputedly quite good, ailments common to the developed world – such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer – have become more common on the island. To detect, analyze and curb behavior that tends to result in such ailments, Singapore's government is urging men, women and children throughout the island, whatever their health, to register for the program and receive their Fitbit wearable devices. Fitbit will be offering its Premium service, which is coming to select markets this autumn and includes one-on-one coaching. All participants in Live Healthy SG must consent to share their data with the HPB, and those who commit to a year of Fitbit Premium will receive a Fitbit Inspire HR watch free of charge. Although early registration begins in mid-September, Live Healthy SG will get underway officially in late October. This is the first time that Fitbit has channeled its products and services into a national program for public health.