The Sportindex from the Swedish sporting goods trade association Svenskt Sportforum shows that total sports retail sales in the country fell 9.6 percent in Q1 2022 compared to the same period last year. Same-store sales fell by 9.3 percent, while e-commerce saw a steeper decline of 16.5 percent. The e-commerce share of sports retail is now 18 percent, the same level as in the first quarter of 2021.

The benchmarking index is based on reported sales statistics from a number of industry leaders and is compiled by Svenskt Sportforum in collaboration with HUI Research, which is responsible for the statistical collection, data processing and quality assurance. Included in the Sportindex are Stadium, Stadium Outlet, Intersport, XXL, Team Sportia, Sportshopen, Sportshopen Outlet, Decathlon, Löplabbet, Sneakers Point and Swedemount.

“Since its launch nearly a year ago, the Sportindex has become a much-anticipated fact sheet on sports retail trends, with quality-assured metrics based on input from the industry’s leading players,” said Claes Forsberg, CEO of Svenskt Sportforum. Starting this quarter, the Sportindex also includes statistics broken down by relevant product categories. „We are now also presenting relevant metrics on industry product categories such as soccer shoes, sportswear, accessories, cycling and cross-country skiing. Twenty subcategories are added and tracked on an ongoing basis to provide additional decision support for industry players. An overview of the product categories by which the statistics are broken down can be found on page 5 of the Sportindex report,“ Forsberg explained.

Here are some of the key statistics presented in the Sportindex report:

  • Footwear sales fell 4.4 percent in the first quarter. The largest contributor to this decline was the key winter outdoor/boots category, which fell 34.1 percent in the period.
  • Apparel sales fell by 10.7 percent in the first quarter. The negative growth was largely due to Outdoor, the largest category in the quarter, which declined 14.3 percent. Outdoor had strong growth rates in November (36.6 percent) and December (55.3 percent), which dampened sales in subsequent months.
  • Equipment sales declined 15.2 percent in the first quarter. The offroad vehicle category was the largest contributor to this decline, with a 43.4 percent drop in the first quarter. January and February were very strong months for cross-country skiing in 2021, as much of Sweden saw a lot of snow, which gave an extreme boost to sales, which increased 246.3 percent in January 2021 and 109.3 percent in February 2021. Growth in the same months this year was thus dampened by less favorable snow conditions and strong comparative figures.

For more details and statistics, see the Sportindex Q1 2022 report here (in Swedish).

Sportindex Q1 2022

Source: Sportindex Q1 2022 by Svenskt Sportforum

Share of e-commerce in total sales - per quarter and year