The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted demand for wearable devices to the point of restraining the supply of their components, some of which are common to smartphones and computers, but the biggest sports-specific brand, Fitbit, did not take advantage of this trend. Drawing from the Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker set up by International Data Corporation (IDC), SGB Media reports that 72.6 million wearable devices were shipped throughout the world in the first quarter of 2020, for an increase of 29.7 percent year-on-year. Even as regular and smart watches declined, wristbands were up by 16.2 percent and hearables by a whopping 68.3 percent. The latter now make up most of the wearables market, at 54.9 percent of the volume. By market share, the top five companies for wearables were Apple (29.3%), Xiaomi (14.0%), Samsung (11.9%), Huawei (11.1%) and Fitbit (3.0%). All but Fitbit (down by 26.1%) enjoyed year-on-year first-quarter growth in shipment volume of more than 50 percent. Samsung’s growth in wearables reached 71.7 percent, thanks in part to its Galaxy Buds and Buds+, which moved more than 4 million units. Apple’s supply-line troubles suppressed sales of its Apple Watch, but sales of its Beats and Airpods more than made up the difference.