Oakley is unveiling a very sophisticated Airwave snow goggle, available immediately on Oakley.com and Apple.com and in Oakley stores, that features advanced head-up displays and integrate GPS and Bluetooth technologies, linked with various onboard sensors to check the outside temperature and other parameters. The viewer can visualize the slopes from more than 600 resort maps pre-installed on the HUDs. The GPS measures the speed at which the wearer is moving down the slope, or the distance, height and airtime of his or her jump. The system connects with incoming calls and text messages from a smartphone. A playlist features a soundtrack to play favorite tunes during the alpine journey. Supplied by Recon Instruments, the HUD's windscreen graphics use innovative prism technology that gives the wearer the impression of watching a 14-inch screen five feet away. The Oakley Airwave goggle features the brand's proprietary Switchlock technology, which allows a quick and easy change of lenses. Oakley is investigating the extension of these applications to other sports activities.