Canadian Taiga Motors Corporation, a manufacturer of all-terrain e-vehicles, has chosen SkiStar’s resort in Sälen, Sweden, for the European debut of its electric snowmobiles. According to the Québec-based company, the European debut is an important step in Taiga’s global expansion efforts. For ski resort operator SkiStar, this is an important next step in its sustainability transformation to achieve a net-zero climate impact from an operational perspective by 2030.

“Sweden continues to be a global pioneer in electrification and sustainable solutions. It’s only a natural decision for us to debut our Nomad snowmobile in Europe at SkiStar in Sälen,” said Taiga CEO Sam Bruneau. “Protecting the unique mountain environment in which SkiStar operates is fundamental for the sustainable development of our business. We, therefore, recognized Taiga’s innovation in the off-road space early on,” commented Fanny Sjödin, head of sustainability at SkiStar. “Low emissions, good performance, and a vast improvement on the snowmobile’s environmental impact have encouraged us to choose Taiga’s electric snowmobiles for ski patrol and other mountain operations.”

Taiga’s snowmobiles allow the exploration of winter terrain with awareness without compromising performance, noise, reliability and efficiency. With its clean design and mechanically simplified snowmobile platform, Taiga states that the Nomad offers optimized functionality for work missions, family outings, or trail riding. The maintenance-free drivetrain, customizable drive parameters and high-precision throttle control add to the Nomad’s ease of use and accessibility, according to the manufacturer. Taiga highlights the model’s peak performance in all conditions, standard automotive charging, durability and reliability.

Fanny Taiga

Source: SkiStar

Fanny Sjödin, head of sustainability at SkiStar, with the new Taiga Nomad