JP Modatex, an Indian manufacturer of premium and specialty ring spun yarns for apparel and home textiles, has managed to blend linen fibers with DuPont’s Sonora stable fibers, a partially plant-based polymer material, to create ring-spun linen-based yarns and fabrics that offer comfort stretch. As linen is so far impossible to blend with spandex fibers and pure linen fabrics are non-elastic, this is a new product option for leisure and athleisure brands.

JP Modatex, a family-owned yarn producer since 1948, is focussing on linen-hemp and its blends with Sorona and other fibers. Besides the new blend of Sorona and linen, recent yarn innovations and developments include Sorona and Lyocell blends, 100 percent dry spun linen and hemp-cotton blends.