Two golfers in the U.K. have founded a company called Global Golf Safety (GGS) to help prevent the total shutdown of golf courses over Covid-19. Their method is to apply a antimicrobial additive called Biomaster to certain parts of golf implements, or “multi-grip time-delayed touchpoint products.” Courses in the U.K. are subject to England Golf’s “stay safe, play safe” policy. Flag-pins, bunker rakes, hole cups, ball retrievers and bunker rakes were stripped from the courses before they opened back up after the government’s first lockdowns. The effect, as GGS’ founders note, was to make a mess of bunkers, ruin putts and otherwise interfere with the game. Biomaster was developed by Addmaster, a British company acquired by Polygiene in January. According to the new parent, Biomaster inhibits up to 99.99% of the growth of harmful microbes all-year- round. Global Golf Safety can apply treatments during a course’s operation, without disrupting play.