Puma is now conducting the Re:Suede experiment we reported on last month when it was seeking 500 Germans to join some of its brand ambassadors in a trial to determine whether a biodegradable version of its Suede model – made of Zeology-tanned suede, biodegradable TPE and hemp fibers – would both withstand everyday use and biodegrade usefully. Distribution of the new sneaker has begun. Testers will be wearing them for half a year and then returning them to Puma, which will, in turn, send them to the Dutch industrial-composting firm Ortessa for biodegradation under controlled conditions. According to the sportswear company’s global creative director, Heiko Desens, Puma will be asking testers to report on sneaker comfort and durability. This is the first project for Puma’s “Circular Lab” innovation hub. Puma has since announced another, called Re:Jersey, for garment-to-garment recycling.