Sports Direct has unveiled a new initiative and campaign, called “Equal Play,” which is meant to address inequalities in sports and help close the gender gap over the next four years and beyond. The project has been informed by a new study, commissioned by the British sports retailer with Women in Sport, a charity partner. According to this study, 41 percent of girls consider that there is not enough funding for girls’ sports. Nearly half of girls and women (49 percent) think society does not see sport as important to women, while 40 percent believe that society perceives female sport as being “lower quality” as compared to male sport. Ambitions in sport also seem to differ depending on gender, based on the study’s findings. While around 60 percent of boys and young men dream of reaching the top levels of sport, only 30 percent of girls and young women have such a dream. The underlying mindset in society therefore seems to operate as a deterrent to girls, the study suggests. Sports Direct’s ambition with this campaign is to create new spaces for women to discover new sports and to access the training, kit and information they need. The initiative also aims at creating high-profile moments of celebration around female success in sports, recognizing not just the wins but all successes.