Reebok launched a limited collection of sneakers together with three well-known sneaker stores in Germany on July 27. The collection's theme is “international food.” The prints on the shoe models show new interpretations of typical advertising for restaurants. Next to T-shirts, socks, caps and bags, Reebok is offering three limited sneaker models that will be sold in three German sneaker stores: Overkill in Berlin, Asphaltgold in Darmstadt and 43einhalb in Fulda. Each store has designed one Reebok sneaker silhouette in line with the “international food” theme. Each sneaker is sold in a specially designed box that matches the sneaker's theme. The limited edition has been on sale since July 27 at the aforementioned stores as well as through Reebok's online stores. Overkill's sneaker model is limited to 300 pairs, while Asphaltgold's and 43einhalb's models are limited to 250.