According to Sport Guide, Adidas is considering moving its 2,000-sqm store on Paris’ Champs-Elysées to another location, also on the Champs-Elysées but in a better spot, more visible to pedestrians and tourists. The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris’ 8th arrondissement runs between the Place de la Concorde and Place Charles de Gaulle, where the Arc de Triomphe is located and is one of the busiest avenues in the world. The current store is located near the Rond Point while the sportswear giant would like to move it to a more central location, possibly in the space previously occupied by H&M, which the Swedish retailer left in early 2022. The space is located right across from a Nike store and is closer to the Arc de Triomphe. Adidas did not wish to comment, Sport Guide said.